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Break the monotony. We invite you to see the world in color


In the retina of the eye there are millions of cells specialized in detecting the wavelengths coming from our environment, which reach our brain creating a sensation of color, that is why each color can be perceived differently depending on the person who contemplates it.

Choose your color from the wide variety of colors that we offer in our charts or, if you prefer, you can select yours from thousands of colors and we do it instantly in our tinting system.

Pinturas Iris Color, S. L., located in its place of origin, La Roda, descendant from another company with more than 20 years in the sector, composed of a human team that has a lifetime dedicated to this world of "paintings", which is always in constant evolution. That is why we have engaged in a project of reorganization and automation of our industrial facilities in order to achieve a higher competitiveness on the market to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers.


We are currently manufacturing daily, in eight-hour days, 30 tons of water-based paint. This is what the market demand us at this time, but our daily production capacity is over 90 tons daily.

We have a wide range of products, where you can find from water-based matt and satin plastic paint for its application both indoors and outdoors, to a wide range of colors of different qualities, waterproofing, sports line, primers, enamels, water-based and universal colorants, putties, etc., adapting to any type of formulation that the customer may demand.

The fundamental objectives of Pinturas Iris Color S. L. are:

  • Satisfaction at any moment for our customers, offering a professional and friendly treatment, giving solution to any concerns we raised.
  • The quality of our products, trying to improve, adapting to new technologies to meet all needs in painting.


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